Weeknote 4

by Sunita

I almost forgot to write a weeknote this week. I guess I need to write it down in the ToDo list!


Classes are settling down. We’re almost out of the theoretical section of the readings, which is worthwhile but quite abstract and demanding, and into the problem/case parts. I’ve gotten a better handle on integrating contemporary examples with the theory in the Privacy class and it’s working better. After four weeks both classes are settling into a rhythm. The Protest class has been easy from the start, but Privacy has had more bumps. But I’m more comfortable now and they are too, I think.

I spent my “free” time reading scholarship files for a program that gives a select group of students a full ride. It’s designed for students who are research focused, and program has undergone some changes over the last few years thanks to the admissions office wanting more control. As administrative tasks go, this one is very rewarding.


I’ve fallen into the Midsomer Murders vortex and can’t get out. Pluto TV, which is essentially like a basic cable package but streaming, has binge channels of all kinds. We’ve become almost completely turned off by TV news, even of the BBC and PBS variety, and sports are mostly not available in the evening (we don’t watch much hockey or basketball until the playoff rounds). I chanced on a Midsomer Murders episode and it was kind of fun to revisit it. The best part for me, aside from the regular cast, are the excellent guest stars. Roger Allam as a no-good speculator. Anna Massey as a dangerously mad old spinster. Jenny Agutter as a still-lovely older woman whom too many many are attracted to. And so on. I think I’m close to burning out, though. There are only so many times I can hear that theme song.

I’m still reading the same books, so not much to report there. I haven’t been able to settle down and just read this week, hence the TV bingeing. I think the political news is finally getting to me. Iowa, WTF? Actually, I don’t have to ask, it’s pretty clear to see what happened. When you have inexperienced people designing complicated methods to operate complicated voting process you have clusterfucks waiting to happen. I think this piece on how the Iowa and Nevada contracts were an example of grift is spot on. This is not the time to be experimenting with untested systems by people whose connections rather than skills got them the contracts. The Democrats could easily lose this election to someone who never should have been elected once, let alone twice, all because they prefer the circular firing squad and drinking from the trough to fixing a badly broken system. There are few good options and they seem to be losing out to the not-good ones so far.

Liverpool’s manager sent out the under-23 squad for a 4th round replay in the FA Cup (long story, the Premier League was supposed to be on a winter break except for unexpected FA cup replays) and the kids won. It was amazing. One very bright spot in the week. I felt a bit bad for Shrewsbury but they got to play at Anfield, so they’ll always have that experience to remember.

And the Chiefs won! What a game that was. I’m so happy for Andy Reid, the Hunt family, and the long-suffering Chiefs fans. I was texting throughout the game with my good friend who brought me into her football family when we both first moved to St. Louis. It was a good time.


I put up my productivity post a couple of days ago; does that count? 😉 Other than that, I’m back to making ToDo lists and grinding through them. I’m almost caught up, I think. I managed to tick off a couple of tasks I’d been avoiding, so that was a win.

My coauthor and I sent out our paper for yet another round of reviews, so it’s on to the next ones. We have one to finish up for a conference in April and another which is in the final stages of data collection. They’re both quite interesting so it’s fun working on them. I also want to do some just-mine work, but as usual it gets pushed to the back burner. I’m going to sit down and carve out some time this week specifically for my own stuff and stick to the plan.

I haven’t been exercising nearly enough and I can tell. Blergh.


This looks like a pretty normal week coming up, so I should have some discretionary time. The weather continues to be wintery and gray, although we did have two 60+ days last week. I got to wear actual shoes, not boots, for a day. And a dress rather than Heattech! It was lovely.