Finished object: Paris Loop

by Sunita

Ta-da! I managed to weave in the ends on my Paris Loop and take it for a spin. The pattern is an old one from Stefanie Japel and the result is a cross between a capelet and a poncho. The pattern was very straightforward and simple, although I don’t think it’s really one size fits all. There is no increasing or decreasing; instead, the shape is obtained by changing needle sizes. I used just over three balls of Colinette’s Tagliatelli, which I picked up a couple of years ago on sale after it was discontinued. It’s a merino wool ribbon yarn, and I love the feel and the color saturation. It’s also quite warm.

I decided not to block it just yet. Tagliatelli has a tendency to stretch, which I’m hoping it won’t do too much here. I kind of like the stockinette curl at the neckline so I think I’ll leave it that way.

On to the next stash project.