Book de-stashing

by Sunita

“De-stashing” is a yarn-hobby term for when you get rid of yarn, either by selling, trading, or giving away. I have a bunch of mass market paperbacks in reasonably decent to good condition that I’m finally letting go. I’ve been doing this for years and it’s time to say goodbye to another batch.

These are all romance novels, mostly historical. A lot of them have been digitized, but not all, and some you may not have heard of. I got rid of a couple dozen Marion Chesney Regency Trads quite a while back, but I held on to one series and to her books written under the Jennie Tremaine label:

The Tremaine books are mostly Edwardian-set, which is unusual in the historical romance/trad genre, and they are often hilarious.

I also reluctantly decided to let go of my Georgette Heyer paperbacks. Some are in dire shape and they’re going in recycling, but these are all OK and certainly readable:

And as this and the next photo show, in the early 2000s I spent considerable time and energy collecting old Balogh trads. There are also some older classic Harlequins and a less talked about Edith Layton trad mixed in as well:

If any of my readers and online friends/acquaintances would like some of them, let me know and I’ll post them off to you via media mail or something similar. US/Canada only, unfortunately, unless someone overseas really wants them and then we can split the postal charges.

Feel free to tell other people about this post. I can be contacted at the email address provided on my “About” page.

If no one wants them I’ll donate them to our yearly book sale or take them over to Half Price Books, but I’d just as soon mail them to fellow romance readers.