Holiday road trip (outbound)

by Sunita

We drove out to CA again for the winter break, taking the southern route. The weather was mostly with us, except for the snowstorm across Arizona:

It wasn’t too bad at first, and we were at the front of the storm, but that meant we drove into it and it got worse:

But TheH deployed his excellent driving skills, the snow turned into rain, and we came out on the other side. Kingman to Barstow was easy and fast so we went on to Tehachapi and overnighted there. We made an early start and got in by lunchtime, to a cool and cloudy day. I love winter light.

The Corgis were their usual selves. They tend to hang together on trips and love the king-sized beds:

By Day 4 they were tired of the car and who can blame them? Even with their nice setup:

Enjoy your holidays wherever you are! I plan to spend Boxing Day watching lots and lots of footie. 😁