Achievement unlocked

by Sunita

We bought this jigsaw puzzle for TheH’s birthday a few weeks ago. We are not puzzle masters, to put it mildly, so doing a 1000-piece puzzle seemed well beyond our capabilities. But this one came with a cheat: it was second-hand, and after putting it together the original owners had divided the pieces into three sections, each in its own ziploc bag. So it was really doing three 333-piece puzzles, which we could manage.

We also had to buy it because TheH grew up with a van very much like this one (minus the flower power decals) and had a later model of his own for many years. He has been not-so-secretly coveting the new electric Eurovan that VW is teasing. If it can actually pull a hill without going backwards, I’m in.

Next up: the Lego VW Camper Van set I bought him for a different birthday. It’s got 1334 pieces, but hey, we’re on a roll.