Weeknote 12

by Sunita

Weeknotes are back. Which means, sadly, that my vacation is over and normal life has resumed.


I spent the week catching up. Emails, phone meetings, memo writing, and other sundry administrative tasks. Don’t you love forms that must be signed the old fashioned way? That means receiving the form, printing it, signing it, scanning it, and then emailing it onward. An electronic signature would take a fraction of the time to sign and send back. And no, this isn’t a legal document or a HIPAA/FERPA form. Sigh.


I am behind on my 20 Books of Summer list. I am reading, but not as much, and I’ve been reading non-list books like Iain M. Bank’s Culture novel, Matter. It’s very good, although frequently quite discursive in that patented Banks way. But I’m enjoying it. I did manage to read Sarah Morgan’s most recent release, which I wrote about in a previous post, and I liked it a lot.

I’m still thinking about the Women’s Fiction/Genre Romance debate. A lot of my romland friends are bummed by the switch to WF by longtime romance authors, but the market for contemporary and historical romance is just not very profitable for publishers anymore. If you don’t want to self-publish then you pretty much have to move into a romance-adjacent genre, or at least that’s how it seems to me. It isn’t new for romance authors to shift to more high-profile genres with hardback options; category authors started doing it in the 1980s and 1990s. It might just be that social media amplifies the voices who dislike these moves, or it may be that social media and the internet more generally allow more people to see publishing shifts happen in real time than was the case in the past. Anyway, I’m still going on a author-by-author, book-by-book basis.

I fell way behind on my podcasts but have been catching bits and pieces of the Women’s World Cup. England v. USA on Tuesday should be something. England demolished Norway and the USA did not look its best while beating France, so who knows.

We watched another episode of Good Omens (still fun) and the first episode of the most recent season of Endeavour, which has finally premiered on PBS. We were gone for the first one and missed the second one, but PBS gives us a few weeks to catch up for free if we give them our email. It was good! Although Endeavour’s moustache is not. It’s very true to 1970s style, I admit, but I keep wanting to reach into the TV and brush it off his face.


It was a good week for lists, although my work schedule was continually interrupted by home-appliance delivery screwups (who notifies a customer the day before a delivery that the item is backordered for six weeks? When we already pulled out the old appliance as requested? Grrrr).

I need to write a proper productivity post. I’m still using my smartphone. It was great to have it on the trip and I’m amazed at how well I was able to use it as a substitute for a computer. I shouldn’t be amazed, since I study and teach about social uses of technology and I know that lots of people use smartphones as their primary way of doing computer-related and internet-related stuff. And yet, since I’ve always had a computer as my main device, I don’t really internalize what that means. Hmmm, this would make a good class project for the digital divide section …

This Week

I think I may get to do some writing, in amongst the phone meetings, committee memo writing, and appliance delivery drama.

Remember that asparagus/agave bloom I showed you before I left on vacation? It’s flowered some more: