SuperWendy’s TBR Challenge for February: Moonlight Over Manhattan

by Sunita

February’s challenge is to read a book that is part of a series. Given my Harlequin backlog, that’s got to be half of them. This doesn’t double-count for my Harlequin TBR Challenge, those, because I didn’t buy it from the Harlequin site. It’s one of my many other Harlequins!

This novel is the third installment of the From Manhattan With Love series, featuring Daniel and Fliss’s sister, Harriet. Harriet is the shy one who prefers dogs to people and who would love to have a home and family but doesn’t think she’ll ever get there. She has a hard time dating because her anxiety goes into overdrive. She tells herself that she’s happy with her dogs, her friends, and her family, but now that Fliss and Daniel have found the loves of their lives, she’s not just alone but lonely.

Enter Ethan Black, an ER physician Harriet encounters first when she injures her ankle extricating herself from a bad date and then again when Ethan is required to take care of his sister’s dog and Harriet is drafted from dog walking to dog sitting. Ethan is very much not a dog person, but he loves his sister and has a strong sense of responsibility, so there he is, saddled with a spaniel and Harriet.

Harriet is hesitant and nervous about dealing with Ethan, which brings out her long-buried stammer and makes her even more anxious. But she is determined to make sure Madi the dog is treated well, so she whips both Ethan and Madi into line.As they get to know each other she relaxes and Ethan discovers that there are women who will cook and make a home for themselves, not just to land a Hot Doctor.

Of course this is a romance, so there has to be conflict, and Ethan and Harriet both have barriers. Ethan is divorced, having discovered that he didn’t know how to make a marriage and a demanding job fit together in his life. Harriet is scarred from her difficult childhood and her parents’ awful marriage, and she’s resigned to not finding the kind of man who will love her for herself. But they’re both gorgeous and kind and warm and lovable, so of course they become attracted to each other. Ethan knows Harriet isn’t the one-night-stand type so he is careful with her, while meanwhile Harriet is thinking friends-with-benefits might just work out. There are hurdles along the way, but they feel like real-life hurdles.

I’m making this sound boring, but I wasn’t at all bored while I was reading. Sometimes you want a warm, fluffy blanket of a book about decent, loving people finding each other. I can totally see rereading this one.

Also, if you’ve read the McNeil brothers novels, the McNeils make an appearance late in the story and it was fun to see them again.

I think this my favorite of the From Manhattan With Love series. I love reading romances about people who are totally different from me but who clearly make the world a better place by being in it.