Taming the Harlequin TBR

by Sunita

Harlequin logo

Downloading my purchased Harlequins made me nostalgic for the days when I read a lot of categories and there were multiple online venues to talk about them with like-minded reader friends. Sadly, there aren’t as many anymore (either Harlequins I want to read or venues I want to hang out at). BUT! I have hundreds of them in my TBR, and now they’re reminding me of their presence. So I have hatched a plan to read them. 

My main reading device is a Kobo Aura H2O 2, and I like it very much. I like Kobo’s e-bookstore, I like being able to sync my library books to it, and for the most part I like the larger screen. But I still had my Nook Glowlight Plus in a drawer, and it’s a great travel ereader because it’s smaller and the cover doesn’t bulk it up too much. It occurred to me: why not charge it up and transfer all my Harlequins to it? So I did.

I deleted the books that I could immediately identify as ones I had read, which got me down to about 550.* I’m sure there are at least another 50 that will turn out to be familiar, probably more. Which still leaves me with so many books. And how do I choose the next one? 

I could choose alphabetically by title, but then I get a lot of Doctor and Nurse books in a row, given my Medicals collection, not to mention Christmas and Mistletoe bunching up. The best solution to maximize variety seems to reading alphabetically by author, choosing one by each author and then moving on. If I turn out to have read it already I go to the next book or the next author. That should mix up the lines, themes, and authors nicely. 

I had already decided that 2019 would be the Year of the TBR (more on that in another post), so the Harlequin TBR fits right into that scheme and will allow me to take breaks from Big Fat Books, Classics, and Highly Literary Books by reading short(ish) romances of all kinds. Over the 10+ years I acquired this TBR I ranged across all of the Harlequin and a couple of Silhouette lines, I think: Blaze, SuperRomance, Historicals, Presents, Intrigue, Romance, Nocturne, Kimani, Medicals of course, and even the shorts like Spice Bites. And KISS! Remember KISS? I have a handful of those too. 

I’m giving myself permission to DNF the occasional book, but I’m aiming to  finish unless I’m really having a bad reading experience. I’ll post the reviews and/or ratings at GR and here. It should be interesting. And fun! We need fun. 

*This count is limited to the books I purchased at eHarlequin. It doesn’t count any of the books I bought from Amazon, Kobo, B&N, the UK Mills & Boon site, or late, lamented ebook retailers like Fictionwise. Yes, my TBRs are out of control.