Back to Book Blogging (again)

While the blog’s been on hiatus I’ve been reading a lot. I went back to Goodreads last year and since then I’ve been posting reviews and joining in conversations about the books I’m reading. But I was recently reminded that Goodreads is Amazon, and I try to minimize my Amazon usage. I don’t let Goodreads use my reviews anywhere else, but since I keep my account somewhat private, you have to be a member to see my account. This seems … contradictory to my professed goals of minimizing my Amazon contributions? Or something

Anyway, it occurred to me that I should just be posting my GR reviews here at my blog. It started as a books blog, after all! So I’ll be posting past and future reviews here, for my tens of readers to read and comment on.

I miss blogs. I don’t miss Twitter much, but I do miss talking about books in a water-cooler fashion, and that seems basically gone, or at least hard for me to find. But I’m reading as much as I ever have. So here we go again. I should note that these aren’t the kind of long, carefully written reviews I used to post at Dear Author. They’re more impressionistic and casual.

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