20 Books of Summer challenge update

I’m woefully behind on my #20BooksofSummer reading challenge, but I did manage to finish a few books and wanted to write about them.

Triad Blood coverI reviewed Nathan Burgoine’s paranormal gay novel, Triad Blood, over at Dear Author jointly with Sirius, so I won’t write a lot about that here. I enjoyed it, especially Burgoine’s voice and the sense of place I got from the world-building. And I liked the characters! I’ll definitely read more of his work.

Doris Day book coverAfter that I read a 2015 rom-com by Fiona Harper, The Doris Day Vintage Film Club. It features a skittish heroine and a can’t-commit hero who spend much of the first half of the book in a Big Mis. If that sounds way too tropey, it’s not, or at least it wasn’t for me because I like how Harper mixes romance, women’s fiction, and chicklit. She’s also very good with supporting characters and that was true here. The Doris Day theme didn’t entirely work for me, mostly because while I acknowledge her talent, she’s never been a favorite. So reading about people who just love her movies and seek advice from her life was … not compelling? But that’s a fairly minor quibble. Overall, it was a fun, sweet read.

The Circle coverFinally, I just finished Dave Egger’s The Circle, which I avoided when it was released in 2013 (I grew up in and spend 4 months a year in Silicon Valley, do I really need to read fiction about it?). But the way technology and social media have evolved over the last few years, plus teaching privacy in the digital age, kept me thinking about it, and when Rosario reviewed it positively I put it back on the list. And I’m really glad I did.

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