Back online

by Sunita

We got back a few days ago after spending most of the last days of our vacation completely devoid of both data and phone signals. We had an emergency contact nearby, but my only access to news was the local public radio station and a Christian radio station. So I caught the US headlines but no sports to speak of (sports tends to be a “feature” subject on NPR). In many ways it was refreshing, although I longed for my Euro 2016 updates.

I’ve finally caught up with the comments here at RRW as well as most of my RSS feeds. And of course the news. We did have internet for much of the first week so the Brexit vote and immediate aftermath were closely monitored, but that was about it.

The news is so awful and so depressing. Just when you think 2016 can’t get much worse, it lets you know how wrong you are.

I have plenty more photos to post, and while I didn’t get much reading done on the trip, I’ve made a bit of progress on my 20 books of summer challenge and will update that as well.

Sad news about the moose calves in the last post: they were indeed orphans. Some horrible person deliberately shot and killed their mother near the Denali post office. On the bright side, however, the calves were captured and are being rehomed in a sanctuary.

Humans. Ugh. Here, have a photo of an adorable bulldog Boston Terrier* with a ball in its mouth to make you feel better.

Bulldog with ball



*Of course it’s a Boston Terrier (thanks for the catch, Nate). I had French Bulldog stuck in my head for some reason (they do look alike but this is a classic Boston Terrier).