20 Books of Summer Challenge

Keishon introduced me to this challenge and posted about it yesterday, which was good because I had been thinking about doing it but then of course forgot. For more information see Cathy’s original post at 746 books¬†(she started the challenge in 2014 as a way of whittling down her TBR).

20 books in 3 months is a lot for me, especially the way I’m reading now (mostly longer books, mostly in the evenings and/or before bedtime). I always read more in the summer than during academic¬†semesters, but still, that’s more than six books a month. Eek! But then I thought, why not add in some audiobooks and work/research books? There are certainly plenty of those in the TBR and the latter need to be read, so I can pat myself on the back when I’m done with them.

Here are my initial selections, all from the TBR, all books I want to read and/or finish if they’re in progress.

Print & ebooks:

Red or Dead by David Peace. 700+ pages on Bill Shankly, the great manager of Liverpool FC. You either hate Peace’s style or fall under its spell. I’m in the latter camp, having read three of the four Red Riding books already. I’ve made it through 200 pages of this one twice. This summer I’m finishing, dammit.

City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennett. This sequel to City of Stairs has been sitting on my bookshelf for a while. I’ve been saving it but I really want to read it. I read the first chapter and thought it was excellent.

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