Tell me your book deals!

by Sunita

For the next couple of weeks I’ll writing the Daily Deals posts at Dear Author while Jane is busy doing other things. I did them a couple of years ago, but the book landscape has changed since then. There are a ton of book deals sites and authors and all kinds of publishers use them as a key aspect of their marketing.

My deals posts will definitely include romance novels, because duh, it’s DA, but I plan to mix it up with mysteries, nonfiction, and maybe even lit fic. Of course Jane has always done that too, but the mix is bound to be a little different with me.

I’ve bookmarked a few sites, but I can always use more suggestions. So authors, readers, and everyone else, if you know of short-term discounts, especially ones that haven’t been seen before (or for a while), send them on!

You can comment on this post, or you can email me (my email is on the “about” page linked at left). I’ll make this post a sticky so it’s easy to find.